Plastic Bead Blasting is a dry process for the rapid, economic and safe removal
of coatings from almost any surface
without the use of toxic chemical strippers, sandblasting, or hand or mechanical abrasion methods.
The process is similar in principle to sandblasting. However, instead of using hard silica sand,
much softer plastic particles are used at low blasting pressures of 5-40 psi.
At these pressures, the plastic media is able to remove
coatings without causing damage to the underlying substrates including aluminum,
stainless, fibreglass, timber and even plastics.

Plastic Bead Blasting will not warp sheet metal because of the low air pressures used when blasting
and because of its non-abrasive nature.
The plastic will not remove any material from the steel sheet metal also leaving any protective coatings.

Why Bead Blast?

Here at Bead Blast
We use a completely dry process for paint removal.
There are no remnants required to be washed away as is with soda blasting.
You could ask yourself would you put your bare metal project out in the rain.

So forget the sandpaper, the messy chemicals and countless hours of sanding and scraping.
Bead Blast is the place to be for all of your classic automotive paint removal needs.

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